About Us

We are WireWallet, a new, smart and safe way to receive and make payments!


We provide you with your very own dedicated EUR IBAN which will allow you to invoice your clients and collect payments which are sent to an IBAN in your own company name!

We are 100% committed to providing our Merchants full support every step of the way when working with us. We also provide dedicated Account Managers for each of our Merchants accounts so you will always have a single point of call should you need any questions answered!

Get in touch with us today and open an account within minutes!

Collect and make payments conveniently

Collect payments from your clients to your own named IBAN, manage all of your local and international payments with WireWallet and save on high bank fees!

Exchange to different currencies

Having WireWallet as your Partner means you can exchange in over 40 global currencies right inside your account and save on international bank exchange fees!

Platform safety and data security

At WireWallet our number 1 focus is you! With this in mind, we have implemented enhanced KYC, data security and encryption software to make sure you are always safe!


Why us

By opening an account with WireWallet, you keep control of your money and can access your account 24/7!

Use your online account to send payments globally through our SWIFT network or instantly with SEPA capabilities!

At WireWallet, we have no minimum or maximum transaction values. You can send and receive any amount you want!

Receive in over 40 different currencies to any of our pooled accounts and save money on currency exchange fees

Never worry about your account being illegally accessed due to our 2 step verification process and one-time password (OTP) protocol

Connect our API to your own in-house software to make processing payments even simpler and faster than ever before



Your Own Multi-Currency IBAN Account

At WireWallet, we can instantly provide you your own named EUR IBAN to receive payments from your clients, PSP's, Partners and Affiliates and you can also pay your suppliers! We also have multi-currency SWIFT accounts available upon request!

IBAN Accounts

eWallet Accounts

By opening an account with WireWallet, you will have access to over 40 multi-currency eWallets which you can use to receive and send in local currencies. You can also use your own in-house currency exchange services to exchange between different currencies!

Issue prepaid cards directly from your account and use them to purchase products online and to withdraw cash from the ATM! Your card will be linked to your account and the funds in your account will be used when you use your card!

Prepaid Cards


Get in touch with us to open your own account and start receiving payments more efficiently today!


Contact info  Tel: +357 24 828 625 // Email: info@wire-wallet.com // Address: 124 Archbishop Makarios III, Kiti, Larnaca, 7550

WireWallet is a trading name of Itsaga Financial Ltd., an authorised EMI Agent working under Globalnetint JSC, license (Nr.21) and supervised by The Central Bank of Lithuania for the issuing of electronic money.

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